Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CSD: Need to check default and degradation of services

Extension of free gift schemes to CSD consumers and a need to check default.
Many a times, service- members and veterans end up buying consumer goods from the open market because of the reason that certain offers and free gift schemes are not made available to CSD customers. Some of our people also believe that such schemes are not ‘legally’ not meant to be extended to CSD consumers.

This is however an unfair trade practice by suppliers and dealers. If a gift scheme is offered by a supplier in the open market to all consumers and is not only a local arrangement by a particular dealer, it is bound to be extended to the CSD too. Entitled personnel should make it a point to survey the market first and demand gift schemes from the concerned dealers if the same are being extended to customers other than CSD consumers. In case of default, the same may be immediately reported to the following address :

Customer Service Cell
c/o DGM (MS)
Canteen Stores Department
‘Adelphi’, 119, M K Road
Mumbai – 400 020

Posted by Maj Navdeep Singh

Comment: The consumer/ household goods sold in CSD are obsolete models and many are of poor quality (example cell phone chargers which are a decade old and not compatible with latest cell phone models are being flooded in CSD canteens). Therefore, it is advisable not to buy electrical and household gadgets from CSD as they are likely to be out- dated models. Chroma a Tata Venture a consumer friendly outlet has the best quality and latest household products at very reasonable rates.
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CSD Canteens are money spinners
Many formations and units have crores and lakhs of Rupees in Banks spinning even more interest. What is the earthly use of earning so much profits if it cannot be utilized prudently for implementing measures to improve quality of life of serving soldiers and veterans or creating permanent assets to enhance the image of the Armed Forces? The canteen staff are paid peanuts and in few cases the civilian staff are paid by dishing out liquor to compensate low wages! Is this the image the Military should create and spread among civilians?
Truly the Mission Statement of CSD needs to be suitable revised as "Money Spinners" serving no worthwhile cause or purpose (in fact profits generated are grossly misused for other than intended purposes). The CSD ideally should be run on "no profit no loss" basis. This truly will be service oriented.